About Us

We are a group passionate developers that decided to build solutions that we would like to use on daily basis and simply we are sharing them with rest of the world.

Our motto is „Just make it simple”

Thanks to this clients of our products are fully satisafted and saves a lots of time not trying to understand how to use products.
They are just simple to use.

We are Adsooncoders.




A marketing platform that automates most of hard to understand things on the begginings with internet marketing jurney. It uses advanced algoritms and AI to automatically setup the best optimized campaigns for advertisers without any additional input from users. Mostly directed to small and medium companies that would like to increase their sells and brand recognision

  • Simple Design

This project will be an answer for people that searching complex traveling mobile app, it will be delivering multiple very intersting functions and social networks integrstions, soon we will show more details about that

TED (Trip Every Day) – project under construction



Tech that we use

The technology stack we use is one of our greatest strengths.  We are choosing them by looking on their high availability, best practises and documentation. That’s how we know that our choice was the best for our needs.

But the most important is that we have a lots of fun working with them